Monday, January 14, 2013

4 years later!

Wow, time flies.  In reading my previous post I find I've been away for 4 years and so many things have transpired. I am going to have to backtrack. Ty just turned 8 and was baptized and Crew will be 6 tomorrow.  I have to get ready for work, so I will think about what the past 4 years have included. I am truly blessed, still!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

January/February Birthdays

January was really a whirlwind after a wonderful Christmas season.

Grandson Ty turned 4 on January 4. He had a fireman party where he and his friends visited the firestation! I was working, but I heard it was a great success. He is obsessed with anything with wheels, and the bigger and noiser the better. He is such a handsome boy, who takes pride in his good looks...'roll up the window Dad, it will mess up my hair'! Ty is naturally photogenic. His smile lights up the room! He goes to preschool twice a week. He is adorable!

Grandson Crew turned 2 on January 15! They had a party all planned on Sat. the 17th, then cancelled that party and we all went to Chuck E Cheeses on the night of his birthday! It was a blast with all the cousins! That was a fun surprise....I got to attend. I wouldn't have been able to go to the party on the 17th! Crew lifts my spirits like no other. He screams YiaYia and runs to me and gives me a big hug whenever he sees me, and he usually stays close by. Crew is such a trooper. He never complains and has such a great disposition. He is such a happy little boy! Love him!

Granddaughter Hazel turned 2 on January 20! She had a darling Princess party with friends and family....she wore a crown and loved opening her presents! Cami made wands for all the kids, had crowns for the boys and necklaces for the girls. They had a cardboard Cinderella coach with a cutout so the kiddies could put their faces through for darling pictures. Fun times! Hazel always has a winning dimpled smile and is so friendly. She loves books and dancing and showing off! I love watching her perform. She gives good hugs and kisses, and is quite the talker!

Yesterday was my granddaughter Payton' 5th birthday. She lives far far away in a place called Reno, Nevada, and I miss seeing her and her brother Hudson. Her grandma Judy made her a wedding dress like in the move Enchanted which is Payton's favorite movie. She wore a crown....belle of the ball. She got a play violin from her parents. Since Payton is so creative, and she hasn't let up on wanting a violin, I wouldn't be surprised if she develops that talent along with her artwork. She draws pictures for her friends in preschool for them to color! She sent me an amazing drawing of deer that look very lifelike. She is fun to talk to on the phone, She gets silly and giggles. One time she wanted me to talk to her friend Riley because "You haven't seen her voice before"! Too cute!


Now I'm going to brag about my newest little grandson!

I was at work on Dec. 6, 2008 waiting for the call that he was finally here and that he and Mom Laura were doing well. I guess it took over an hour for Laura and Jeff to call anyone until they decided on a name. When Laura finally called (at about 3:40pm) I could hardly hold back the tears because of gratitude and relief that all went well . Then they told me his name...Nash Nixon Dalton. I was thrilled. Nash was a name that came to me right after we heard that he was a boy, and it fit Laura's criterea of being a short name that fit with the rest of the kids. It was my favorite name even during my search of the 10,001 baby name book! Jeff liked the name Nixon (in honor of his watches). I think they did a fine job of naming him...His name really fits him. It is unique.

Nash is a perfect baby. He is physically perfect, and he has a perfect countenance. He seems very comfortable with life, and he is SO loved by his family. I still haven't heard him cry (but I'm sure he does occasionally). He is easy to be around....he exudes a calming effect on me. He is a good little traveler. He's so quiet sometimes that I forget he's there! He's growing fast and will be 3 months old this week, already!

The Daltons are such a close family and the children really do love and take care of one another. They adore Nash and are so good with him.

Nash was truly our BEST Christmas present!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remembering ......

2008 was quite the year! It was busy and full of change, fun, sad, surprising, disappointing, loving, undisciplined (personally), yet satisfying in many ways. Birthdays and holidays are important in our family and a BIG deal! I wouldn't have it any other way. I am truly blessed with fabulous friends and a family that keeps on growing!!!

I moved, changed job positions, had 2 beautiful new grandchildren Violet Sue Gardner on March 20, and Nash Nixon Dalton on December 6 (I still need to brag and blog about him), celebrated my 60 years in STYLE, and got a stupid speeding ticket just a few weeks before Christmas.

My sweet Aunt Terry passed away last January, and I miss her very much. President Hinckley also passed away who was a huge influence in my life. I mourned with friends as they lost loved ones way too early. I struggled personally in every area of my life, but have great hope and resolve to improve in 2009!

I treasure new old friends who are back in my life. I'm grateful to have a nice job and to live in this Country, despite its many problems. I'm grateful for my little dog Jag who keeps me company and safe from intruders! I love my children, their spouses and my darling grandchildren. They are soooooo good to me! I don't know what I would do without my sister Nelda and my brother in law Ed. They are amazing and unselfish in every way. I have loving and interesting cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces, and nephew & families whom I love, and I promise to keep in better touch in 2009!

Now 2008 is a memory! It's onward and upward in 2009! I'll start by getting organized step by step........ Perseverance, consistency, hope, and progress are words and actions I hope will be my constant companions this year in helping to set and keep my goals! Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sorry, Kathy Hoyt, I inadvertently omitted your name on the friends list who attended the party. I was so happy to see you and I really do appreciate our forever friendship! Thanks for the Forever Friends gift!

I am working on creating a new posting with pictures, but it is confusing and the pictures aren't coming out in order.......!

Incredible Surprise!

October 11 was supposed to be a girls' day with Laura, Cami, Angela and me going to Gardner Village for lunch and walking around enjoying the colorful fall/Halloween decorations and festivities there, but my DEAR children really had other plans in mind, like giving me a Surprise 60th Birthday Party!!!!!!!!! My real birthday is October 15.

It's taken me 2 weeks to try and assimilate the day in my phyche (look that word up in the dictionary). INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL, LOVING, OVERWHELMING, MEMORABLE, and HONORED are just a few words that describe my feelings surrounding the SURPRISING event that still brings tears to my eyes and a swelling in my heart!

Apparently, the party was in the planning process for the past 9 months! My family and friends can either keep secrets better than I thought, or they are all accomplished liars, or both....who knows?! After attending at least 3 surprise 60th birthday parties this year, I announced to my children not to even think of giving me a party, that as nice as the parties were, I'd had my fill of the 60 theme! How did I get to this age??? While I look my age, I certainly don't feel my age, at least in my head, as my body begs to differ!

Cousins Mike, Liz, and Becki, and Nelda and Laura worked tirelessly gathering pictures of my life, my parents, and grandparents for an INCREDIBLE slide show (by Laura) and a BEAUTIFUL Heritage Quilt (with pictures, pieced by Cami and bound by Laura) that were presented to me. The time and talent it took to accumulate and put together these AMAZING gifts are beyond my comprehension, and I am forever GRATEFUL to everyone involved!

The party itself at the Dalton Home was EXTRAORDINARY! Angela did LOVELY centerpieces of pink roses for the tables. She also made the favors (my favorite peanuts, M&Ms, party mints) and YUMMY punch and tossed salad, as well as hostessing along with Laura and Cami. The violet, yellow and white balloons were soft and festive, too! Ed and Nelda brought DELICIOUS honey roasted turkey breasts and dutch oven potatoes all the way from Price, much to everyone's delight! We had a FABULOUS lunch, needlesstosay, and Cami's pasta salad (a family favorite) was enjoyed by all. The cake was PRETTY and TASTY! If I left out anything else that was served, I'm sorry.....everything was INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!

Being surrounded by LOVING and FOREVER family and friends warmed my heart and soul! Everyone took time out of a busy Saturday to celebrate my life with me and words can never express my total APPRECIATION and LOVE I have for my family and friends who sustain me daily. I was HONORED to be in their presence and to have each one in my life!


Curt, Angela and Nolan Cloyd, Suzanne Izatt
Laura, Jeff, Ella, Ty, Crew Dalton
Cami, D.J., Hazel and Violet Gardner
Nelda, Ed, Stefanie and Blake Grundy
Uncle Joe, Aunt Betty Harvey
Sid, Linda, Linda's Mom and Marie Harvey
Clay Harvey and family
Carol and Natalie Harvey
Liz and Katie Kourianos
Carr and Shawn Harvey
Sharon, Dick and Eric Grotepas and Shantell
Becki Mangus
Vivian Stamatakis
Misty and Alexis Mathews

Pam Conover
Terri Tubbs
Robynn Fausett
Karen Marshall
Fay Wrathall

I was given a VARIETY of lovely gifts and cards, and I TREASURE each one.

I also received cards and phone calls from those who were unable to attend for various reasons, and I've been so touched by their SWEET sentiments!

Hopefully Laura can do one more thing for me, and that is to help me post pictures to go along with this blog!

I am INCREDIBLY BLESSED! I thank my Heavenly Father daily for giving me such a LOVING, CARING, AND AMAZING support group here on Earth! I receive far more than I am able to give to my Lord and to my family and friends. THANK YOU DEAR ONES!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life is Good!

I haven't blogged since Violet's birth, but my blessings continue to multiply, and I will attempt to reveiw some of them.

The end of April and beginning of May, I moved with the help of wonderful family and Ward members to a cute little house in Lehi (actually Saratoga Springs with a Lehi zip code). I'm only a few blocks away from Cami's family and just a few miles from Laura's. Being that close to them is a blessing for me. I'm still not too far from Curt's family (10-15 minutes). The Summer has passed, I'm still not quite settled, but I am happy.

I was able to transfer to our Lindon office front counter, so I don't have to commute to Sandy! This has been a blessing in many ways...I was gettting burned out at the call center, and then gas prices went sky high! I've been there since May 19 and have no regrets!

June gave me the opportunity of watching Laura's kiddies for about a week while she and Jeff went on a Caribbean vacation with Jeff's family. Thanks to Cami and Angie who watched them during the day while I worked for 3 days. I really love all of my grandchildren, and I was able to bond with Ella, Ty and Crew during that time. We had a great time. They are precious, and I was exhausted!. We have since been informed that they will have a little brother in December!. Ty still loves anything with wheels! He asks sooooo many questions! We went on a date since then to the car wash and to a car dealership. It was so fun...he was most facinated with the manual window rollers in one particular jeep. He's now in pre school and doing great! I love it when Crew gets so excited to see me. He runs to me saying Yia Yia Yia Yia, jumps in my arms and gives me the best hugs!

Ella turned 5 in July. She had a very successful pool party with her friends. I was able to celebrate with her and family at Check E Chees after work. She is a very smart, loving and pretty little girl. She's started Kindergarten and is loving it! We go shopping together and she helped me clean house yesterday. She dusted and helped clean cupboards and the fridge!!!

Nolan's 1st birthday in July was a blast. I stayed in the shade poolside with Violet while the rest of the family enjoyed the water. It was such a fun day, the pizza was good. Nolan LOVED his cake...and he wore it from head to toe! Nolan is still a Mama's and Daddy's boy, and occasionally he will let me hug him, but only if his parents are gone! His smile lights up the room, and he walks all over the place now!

I get to watch Hazel and Violet sometimes when DJ and Cami go on motorcycle rides or if they both have Church activities at the same time. Those little girls are so cute! Hazel has the cutest walk (arm swinging) and the sweetest voice. She answers No when she means Yes, and she is quite mischievous! She putting sentences together, too. Violet loves her bottle and usually wants it right now! She doing great on solids now, too and she's just plain sweet!

Payton and Hudson live with their parents in Reno. Cara sends lots of pictures via email showing how they are really growing up. I haven't seen them in almost a year, and it breaks my heart! Hudson just turned 1 last week, and seems like such a happy guy...always smiling! Payton would rather have a little sister, so I'm told! She is such a talented artist! I'm amazed at what she can draw and she's only 4!!!!!! Maybe I can scan and post the picture she sent me....we'll see!

Some of the High School friends met last month at RaNae's beautiful home. I wish all could have come, I really missed Pam, LouAnn and DeAnn. It was great seeing Trudy again! I'm so glad Bessie came. Myra is always delightful, and Cathy made wonderful bruchetta! We ate yummy salads and had such a good time! RaNae's husband Barry (also a fellow classmate) played the piano for us. I'm looking forward to reading the book he has taken over 10 years to write. It is about he area where we grew up along with dutch oven recipes!

That evening after our luncheon, my cousin Becki threw her cousin Cathy (and her twin Rick) a surprise 60th birthday party. Cathy is one of my high school friends, and since we share cousins, we consider each other cousins too. It was such a fun evening. Cousin Harriet came all the way from Montana! I haven't seen her in at least 20 years. Cousin Sharon and hubby Dick were there too...I love being with them! Becki has a beautiful home, I'm so proud of her. It was good talking with Brenda, too....she did great at the bbq, and was anxious about maybe being a Yia Yia that day (but didn't happen until later). Angelique and Tia are absolutely gorgeous! It was good seeing everyone.

The previous month, high school friend Bessie was surprised with a 60th birthday party given by her children, sister and nephew. Bessie was really surprised. I hadn't seen her since high school! She has raised 2 beautiful and loving children and has made a wonderful life for herself after some serious setbacks. The food was fabulous and dolmathes I've ever tasted!

I enjoyed a short visit with a friend of mine from Boulder City, Shelley Garrett Schofield. We went to dinner and got all caught up! Life is crazy in her world (as usual!) but she is in love with her husband Bill and enjoys her kids and grandkids, too! She caught the wedding bouquet at Laura and Jeff's reception, and was married to the guy she didn't even know then within 6 months after cathing the bouquet!

My sister and Ed are good to me, and hopefully Iwill be able to spend some time with her around my birthday next month. She always shares Blakeisms that I enjoy! Blake cracks me up. Chris, Natalie and 1 1/2 year old Carson will welcome a little girl into their family in January...congrats! Joelle is working in California. I haven't seen or her or heard her shoes clunk for a while! Stef is working hard and enjoys performing in different musical venues. I will have to see/hear her perform some day!

I almost forgot to mention Cousin Sharon's surprise 60th party in May. (It happened as I was moving!) She was late because we was playing WII! Eric and Lisa really did it up right! The catered BBQ was fabulous! We all love Sharon....all my Utah kids/grandkids came to help her celebrate!

I've celebrated enough 60th birthdays (surprise ones, no less) this year! I just want a regular, out to lunch or dinner or just cake and ice cream with my family. with no emphasis on the 60!

I will post more as I remember more. This blog is really my journal, and for my benefit. I am truly blessed with a wonderful life with loving and supportive friends and family!